St. Genevieve

St. Genevieve - Feast Day [3rd January] On his way to combat heresy in Britain, St. Germanus of Auxerre made an overnight stop at Nanterre, France. In the crowd that gathered to hear him speak, Germanus spotted Genevieve (or Genovefa), a beautiful 7-year-old girl, and he foresaw her future holiness. When he asked little St. … Continue reading St. Genevieve


St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian - Feast Day [20th January] Sebastian was the son a nobleman who was a Christian. He joined the Roman army in the year 283 and kept his Christian beliefs secret so he could be a spy in the army. Some Christians who knew the truth about Sebastian brought a woman named Zoe to … Continue reading St. Sebastian

Madduma Bandara – A Child Hero

Madduma Bandara - This child hero in Sri Lanka is known as a National Hero for his bravery!  He showed his heroism to the world at the young age of nine. His brave words and his heroic act gave our nation a cause to be proud, proud of their 'Sinha' blood. Madduma Bandara was the … Continue reading Madduma Bandara – A Child Hero

“What can we offer in exchange for it?” – A Lesson for Kindness

Once on a time in the kingdom of Seri, five aeons ago [One aeon is a period of one thousand million years], the Bodhisatta dealt in pots and pans, and was called the "Serivan"   In the company of another dealer in the same wares, a greedy fellow who was also known as the 'Serivan’ … Continue reading “What can we offer in exchange for it?” – A Lesson for Kindness