Inky – The Lazy Donkey

Another story customized in my style for my little ones…

* * *

Once upon a time, there was a salt merchant named Simsim who owned a donkey named Inky. Simsim was a very patient, calm and a very kind master. Inky, the donkey was lazy and always found ways to avoid work.

One day, on their way to the market Inky was carrying a load of salt bags on his back. Like every day they had to cross a river to go to the market but suddenly that day, Inky fell into the river… Splashhhhh!!

Oh…oh… Inky soon realized that when he fell into the river, the weight of the bag he was carrying had become less. You know why??? He understood that the salt in his bag had dissolved in the water.

He soon got an idea…

For the next few days, Inky purposely fell into the water, everyday! Simsim was unhappy about the loss of money he was facing and the way Inky was behaving. He felt sad but decided to teach Inky a lesson.

The next day, instead of salt bags Simsim loaded Inky with bags of cotton. Inky did not know about this and being unaware of the change, he fell into the water again as he planned. But this time, he was surprised to find the load unbearable and they became heavier than he was carrying. You know why??? Because when cotton gets wet they become heavy.


His master, Simsim who knew this had punished him for the wrong he had been doing. Inky learnt his lesson to never cheat anyone because of his laziness and started behaving well.

Moral: Work with honesty and sincerity because laziness will ruin you.


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