The Sinhalese

Many a times I have always tried finding out on how the Sinhalese people came to be? There are so many texts on various inhabitants of Lanka. Yes, Lanka - in short for Lankapura, the oldest name known for the then modern days Ceylon which was recorded during the times in the Ramayana. Many know … Continue reading The Sinhalese


Veera Puran Appu – A Heroic Son of Mother Sri Lanka

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is known to have received its Independence from the British Rule on the 4th of February 1948. Behind the story of independence, lies a lot of national heroes who have contributed till the day. The struggle began not just a couple of years before 1948, but much more before that… Ever heard of the … Continue reading Veera Puran Appu – A Heroic Son of Mother Sri Lanka

St. Genevieve

St. Genevieve - Feast Day [3rd January] On his way to combat heresy in Britain, St. Germanus of Auxerre made an overnight stop at Nanterre, France. In the crowd that gathered to hear him speak, Germanus spotted Genevieve (or Genovefa), a beautiful 7-year-old girl, and he foresaw her future holiness. When he asked little St. … Continue reading St. Genevieve

Madduma Bandara – A Child Hero

Madduma Bandara - This child hero in Sri Lanka is known as a National Hero for his bravery!  He showed his heroism to the world at the young age of nine. His brave words and his heroic act gave our nation a cause to be proud, proud of their 'Sinha' blood. Madduma Bandara was the … Continue reading Madduma Bandara – A Child Hero