ABC – Attractive Bahrain Changes

This page will be definitely interesting to all those of you who have left the Island a couple of years back... and also for those who consider moving onto Bahrain - a small yet magnificent Isle. Durrat Al Bahrain - A new Isle (artificial Isle constructed) This Project commenced in the Year 2004. Citizens of Bahrain … Continue reading ABC – Attractive Bahrain Changes


About Sri Lanka – To all my Non-SL viewers

An island country in the Indian Ocean off southeast India. Inhabited originally by the Vedda, the island was later invaded by the Singhalese (6th century B.C.) and the Tamil (11th and 12th centuries A.D.). The lucrative spice trade on the island was controlled successively by Arab, Portuguese, Dutch, and British traders from the 12th century. … Continue reading About Sri Lanka – To all my Non-SL viewers