Every second leaves me empty, Even my path seems empty, with out you Come now and hold me, My path is lonely and awaits you, Let's turn back once along that path, And see the union we once had too, Limitless love I still hold here, Waiting to be in yours arms when near. Though different … Continue reading Limitless

* *We Never Knew HOW…* *

❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤ Without our knowledge... it struck us, like the wind blowing pass our ears... your name was whispered in them, not knowing what was happening... I laid my trust on the situation, and … Continue reading * *We Never Knew HOW…* *

What A Meeting…

How Important was this date, just as a month ago... no words can tell, what it means to us... every day that brings sunshine today, is the cause of this special day, every moment thus in our life, does take us a beautiful way. May each day that we share, with love and joy be … Continue reading What A Meeting…

Without You…

Without you, what is life? What's in this life, without you... Even my days and nights would just be too long, So be there for me... just be with me! ~~ My heart yearns for you throughout... When many the days, that you are out, My soul prays for your presence... At every moment of … Continue reading Without You…

Every Moment Is Different!

Every moment seems different, One moment we feel warmth and joys, Next moment we feel coldness and sorrows, Every moment is different, So let’s live each moment to the fullest… Those things that we wish for the most, Are the ones that we receive in the hardest way, If there is some feeling like this … Continue reading Every Moment Is Different!

A Tribute To A Loved!

In your name, I’ve given up my entire life… yes given up my entire life, It is you that I love the most…you’re the love of my life. In my sleep, in my eyes, in my thirsty dreams, it is only you… only you in my bloomed breathe, Every nervousness stays within me saying…Every heartbeat … Continue reading A Tribute To A Loved!

Nature between those apart from each other

The heavenly one above, as a gift of love had made this earth for all of us... But the enemies of love have pulled lines upon it and there were borders made... It is definite that now we thirst to see each other, as they allow thou not to visit us home, But there’s the … Continue reading Nature between those apart from each other